Water Recovery

Reverse Osmosis (RO) can be the final step of our waste water or trade effluent treatment plants for the ultimate cost saving:

  • Almost no need to discharge any trade effluent
  • And therefore, almost no need to buy in mains water

RO effectively generates pure water by passing the treated effluent through a semi-permeable membrane. The particle size of the membrane is so small that essentially only water molecules can pass through.

99.99% of pathogens, bacteria and other contaminants are usually removed at this stage.

The water can then be re-hardened or blended with mains water for re-use in any area of the factory, including production and food and drink areas, as a replacement for mains water. This process allows the water circle to be completed - effluent from the factory, returned to the start for re-use.

RO can also be used on borehole or river water. The traditional methods for purifying these types of water source – sand and carbon filters, can be replaced with the 21st century equivalent.

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