Unilever is one of the global leaders in the food/condiment, personal care and household product markets with £2 billion in annual sales in the UK alone.

Ogden Water have installed a full, turn-key trade effluent plant for one of their manufacturing sites.

The system includes:

- Extensive double-skinned pipework from the factory to the plant

- Primary filtration using a premium Salsnes screen

- Balancing tank to maintain a consistent incoming effluent quality

- Chemical dosing and mixing

- Chemical storage tanks

- Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)

- Chemical supply

- Sludge tank

At a run rate of 10m3/hr, total suspended solids are reduced by more than 95% from a typical concentration of 5000mg/L in the raw effluent to less than 100mg/L in the treated water to discharge. COD levels are down from 20,000mg/L in the raw effluent to less than 1000mg/L in the treated water.

From these values, the cost reductions based on the MOGDEN formula are:

Cost per m3 Cost per day Cost per year
Before treatment £31.03£7448£2,718,501
After treatment£1.98£476£173,649

The site also benefits from treatment chemical supply and a monthly service visit from Ogden Water, which includes sampling and analysis, equipment inspection and calibration, recommendations for optimisation and advice on how to maximise efficiency with the treatment plant as a whole.

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