A settlement system operates by allowing all contaminants more dense than water to sink to the conically designed base of the unit. The resultant water weirs over to provide the separation. Our design also contains lamella plates to drastically increase the chances of settlement.

  • Can offer solids removal rates of over 95% - entirely dependent on solids characteristics
  • Only one moving part – very low speed (~2rpm) agitator arm to prevent blockages
  • Discharge under gravity
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Common sense dictates it cannot fail to offer some solids removal when operating correctly
  • Physically strong – steel construction, durable, long lasting
  • Average cost
  • No requirement for mains water or air compressor
  • Larger footprint – 6m by 3m
  • No actual physical barrier so worst case solids removal could be as little as 35% - entirely dependent on solids characteristic
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