Chemical Supply

Ogden Water are able to supply a wide range of chemicals for both waste water treatment and other industrial applications.

All the below products are available in a variety of pack sizes ranging from 25L drums to full deliveries. Please call us for competitive pricing, the full range of chemicals and a free health and safety site survey to assess your existing storage locations and delivery techniques.

pH correction:

  • Acids – sulphuric, hydrochloric, phosphoric, etc.
  • Alkalis – caustics, hydroxides, etc.


  • Inorganic – aluminium-based, iron-based, etc.
  • Organic – polyamines, polyDADMAC, vegetable grade/tannins.
  • Blends of the above to maximise performance and minimise cost.


  • Silicone-based.
  • Natural products.

Polymers and Flocculants:

  • Cationic
  • Anionic
  • Non-ionic


  • Salt tablets
  • Sulphite/bisulphite solutions
  • And many more, please call for specific enquiries or full range
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