Wright's Pies

Wright's Pies produce over 5 million savoury products every week and therefore also produce trade effluent. Due to the nature of the business, the untreated waste water contains fats, oils, large vegetable solids, flour, etc.

A full trade effluent treatment plant was installed, which includes a screen filter, rotary drum filter, balancing tank, DAF, pH control and correction, chemical supply and dosing and all necessary equipment.

The company benefited greatly from the installation and brought the treated water comfortably within the specifications of the water authorities.

The suspended solids levels are reduced from over 9000mg/L in the untreated water to less than 120mg/L in the treated.

The site also benefits from monthly service visits, which includes the sampling and analysis of the waste water both before and after treatment, examination and inspection of equipment, recommendations for optimisation and advice on how to maximise efficiency with the treatment plant as a whole.

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