Tofu Manufacturer

Ogden Water have installed a full, turn-key trade effluent plant for a prominent tofu manufacturer.

The system includes:

- Primary filtration using a rotary drum screen

- Balancing tank to maintain a consistent incoming effluent quality

- Chemical dosing and mixing

- Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)

- Chemical supply

The plant is capable of processing up to 100m3 per day at a rate of 5m3/hr.

Total suspended solids are reduced by more than 95% from a typical concentration of 3000mg/L in the raw effluent to less than 50mg/L in the treated water to discharge. COD levels are down from 7,000mg/L in the raw effluent to less than 3000mg/L in the treated water.

From these values, the cost reductions based on the MOGDEN formula are:

Cost per m3 Cost per day Cost per year
Before treatment £7.15 £715 £261,041
After treatment £2.56 £256 £93,341
Savings £4.59 £459 £167,700

The site also benefits from treatment chemical supply and ongoing support from Ogden Water, which includes recommendations for optimisation and advice on how to maximise efficiency with the treatment plant as a whole.

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