Bakery - fast food

Ogden Water were approached by a large bakery who were opening a new site and required effluent treatment. The bakery are one of the major UK suppliers to a global fast food chain, so compliance and effluent treatment are of utmost importance.

After consultations and design discussions, the project was split into two halves as the quality of the effluent that would be produced was relatively unknown as the factory was still being built and commissioned at this point.

The first stage of the project has now been completed, which includes:

Pumping station

Heavy duty pumps were installed in the effluent reception sump ready to feed the rest of the treatment plant.

The pumps feed an rotary drum screen filter which is deisgned to remove gross debris such as seeds, cable ties, wrappers and food ingredients. The filter is highly automated and incorporates a wash cycle to reduce the required manual maintenance and intervention.

Balancing and pH correction
Due to the large volumes of effluent produced by the factory, two 50m3 balancing tanks were required.
Both tanks include recirculation pumps to maintain a homogenous effluent quality and pressure differential level control.

One of the recirculation manifolds also serves as pH correction - this contains pH monitoring and automated chemical dosing pumps to maintain a pH value within the consent limits.
Double-bunded chemical storage tanks were also installed for completion.

Monitoring compliance
As part of the consent to discharge from the local water authority, a 24hr, refrigerated composite sampler is required by law, along with a flow meter, calibrated and correctly installed to MCERTs standards.

These requirements are consistent, no matter where in the country you are located.

The whole system is automated - once the pH level reaches an acceptable range in the balancing tanks, an automatic valve will open, which allows discharge to sewer, via the flow meter.


Second stage

With the primary installation stage completed and processing effluent, the second stage of treatment is now being discussed.
This includes items such as Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) to provide solids removal and therefore ensure consent compliance and ultimately reduce effluent bills from the local water retailer.

The site also benefits from treatment chemical supply and a monthly service visit from Ogden Water whilst further discussions take place, which includes sampling and analysis, equipment inspection and calibration, recommendations for optimisation and advice on how to maximise efficiency with the treatment plant as a whole.

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